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ISC UAE Schools are a close-knit community where administrators, teachers, and students enjoy a positive and respectful relationship. Every student in the school has the support of their extended school family.

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ISC Dubai

Nothing could compare to Choueifat...Ever since I have arrived in Canada I keep repeating to my friends and cousins that what Montreal needs is a Choueifat system. They feel the difference between their children who are born and educated here in Montreal and mine.

Shoghig Hanissian - May 1, 2007

ISC Abu Dhabi

I am indeed a product of Choueifat Abu Dhabi, as are my three brothers... I finished my last year of high school in oklahoma, where my mom is from, and saw how far advanced ISC's curricula were compared to U.S. public schools... I still keep in touch with an Irish teacher who gave me the inspiration to become a writer... Sometimes I go online to look at photos of the Abu Dhabi school just for nostalgia.

Hannah Allam - August 16, 2005

ISC Sharjah

I had been in Choueifat School since 4th grade... it had been the best educational, academic school anyone could possibly go to... Although I couldn't finish my 12th grade in school because of my sudden relocation outside the country, I still managed to do extremely well in my first year by getting a GPA of 3.88 in my major with a scholarship too and I believe that it was all...

Ahmed el Matarawi - January 18, 2007

ISC Sharjah

I find the system to be very supportive both within the school itself and on a regional level. Difficulties with class discipline don't become overwhelming because I don't have to deal with them on my own... I find teaching here to be both challenging and rewarding.

Holly McIndoe, English teacher - April 2007

ISC Ruwais

I studied at Choueifat - Ruwais from grade six to nine, and now I am doing the foundation course at Monash University in Australia...All I have to say is thank you for those weekly assessments. They were priceless. Now I realize what it means to be at the top of your game, because of you I am now.

Pasindu Karunaratne - April 29, 2007

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